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Magpie Model Horses - Personality Collection

Care and Feeding of Your Magpie Model Horse

Nylon Hair - Dilute hair gel with water and, with fingers or comb, gently work a few drops through the mane and tail. Firmly wrap the mane with cling wrap, making sure that the hair is laying as you wish it to stay, and secure the wrapping with a rubber band (we use loom bands from the Pound shop). The tail can be held between the hind legs or along the belly by a rubber band or cling wrap. Leave to set and dry for a few days.

Viscose Hair - Gently style hair with a clean, dry toothbrush. If the mane needs help lying flat, wrap with cling wrap around the neck and leave for a day or two. Gently brush any crinkles from the mane after unwrapping.

Mohair - Style the same way as Viscose. Can also be gently washed with a drop of conditioner to tame any frizz. Wrap mane around the neck with plastic wrap or white cloth (we use strips of old, clean t-shirts) and allow to dry. Washing may give the mohair a slight wave.